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Environmental Policy

In carrying out our functions, Truwood Furniture acknowledges our activities impact upon the environment. We recognise a responsibility to our customers, suppliers, staff and the environment to develop a policy to assess the environmental impact of

all our operations.We are committed to demonstrating sound environmental awareness focusing on positive ways in which we can improve our carbon foot print and the effect on environment for the long-term benefit of all.

1. Timber Purchasing

Timber is purchased from responsible importers and shippers and wherever possible from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources. Standards assure buyers that timber is from well-managed forests. Setting a criteria for forestry practice which are environmentally and socially sensitive both to the environment and the people who’s livelihood depends upon the impact from forestry.

2. Protecting our staff

We care for and protect our vital workforce through adopting measures including the following:

  • Providing up-to-date training on environmental considerations
  • Ensuring best-practice at all times
  • Providing a safe working environment with appropriate safety aids

3. Minimising Waste

We minimise waste generation through fully implementing the following measures:

  • Minimising waste by reduced consumption where ever possible
  • Recycling packaging, plastics & office paper waste
  • Timber off cuts are recycled as a fuel (Any good material goes to local schools)
  • Sawdust & shavings are reused as animal bedding and then composted
  • Use energy efficient equipment with automatic controls were possible
  • Use information technology to reduce printed material
  • Safe and proper disposal of any waste created that is not recyclable
  • Optimising delivery scheduling to minimise mileage and reduce need for part loads
  • Use rechargeable battery power tools
  • Use of environmentally friendly lacquers, paints and materials as far as possible

4. Investment

We include environmental and ethical considerations in investment decisions both short and long-term.

5. Advertising

Our main brochure is distributed in digital format to reduce printing and reduces carbon footprint. This information is fully editable and produced in house.

6. Our Suppliers

We expect similar environmental standards from our suppliers. Re viewing them with consideration to the environment.


Safe guarding the future of forests

With the increase of “ethical shopping” people have become aware that the products they purchase have an impact on the environment. This is particularly true with wood and wood based products. As deforestation continues around the world the need for sustainable, well-managed forests rich in wild life has never been greater.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in currently the only international organisation offering a credible timber certification scheme for all forest types and plantations. The FSC is supported by a range of environmental organisations including the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. The distinctive FSC logo ensure that the timber comes from a forest that is being looked after in a responsible way, benefiting not only the trees and other wildlife, but also the communities who live and work there.

For more information visit the FSC web site