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Furniture Ombudsman

The Furniture Ombudsman (TFO), the organisation which helps to raise standards and specialises in providing Alternative Dispute Resolution solutions for consumers and retailers in the furniture and home improvement industry.

Truwood Furniture Ltd are committed to abide by The Furniture Ombudsman Standards. TFO provides unbiased advice on quality and service issues to promote the wellbeing and fair play to both the consumer and the industry. In cases of dispute it will arrange independent testing, an array of expert witnesses with specialist knowledge in the furniture and allied trades, aiming to act as arbitrator and offering a conciliation services. Truwood Furniture agree to abide by the charter below.

The Furniture Ombudsman Full Member Code of Practice

Full Members will:

1. Provide consumers with dependable products which are fit for the purpose for which

they are bought.

2. Provide clear and accurate product information prior to a sale which will assist

consumers in making well informed decisions;

3. Provide consumers with information regarding the likely performance of a product and

any maintenance regimes which may be required after purchase;

4. Provide consumers with clear and accurate information regarding product prices and

delivery costs;

5. Deliver products as agreed, on time and in good condition and advise the consumer of

any issues which may compromise delivery as soon as is practicable;

6. Promote a high level of customer service and professionalism amongst staff and

encourage them to meet all service requests with courtesy and efficiency;

7. Listen to customer feedback and where appropriate use it as a tool to improve service;

8. Avoid any commercial practice that could be adverse to the consumer and the principles

of fair trade in general;

9. Listen to all complaints seriously and sympathetically and adopt an effective procedure

when trying to resolve them.  In the event of an unresolved dispute to accept the ruling

of The Furniture Ombudsman;

10. Promote the aims of The Furniture Ombudsman in raising the standard and profile of the furniture and home improvement industry for the benefit of consumers.